Rads is back at Maplesden Noakes

Soccer Elite FA are delighted to confirm the appointment of Lee Radford as the Head Coach of our Maplesden Noakes Sixth Form Programme.

Lee rejoins our Maidstone-based post-16 programme – which combines sixth form A-Level and/or BTEC courses with daily football training and weekly matches – having previously worked there for the best part of a decade prior to the pandemic.

Soccer Elite FA’s Sam Bunn said: “It was an absolute no-brainer to bring Rads back into the fold of our Education & Football Programme when the opportunity arose.

“Lee is, of course, one of our most popular coaches since we formed in 2006, he embodies everything we look for in a coach and has had so much success with the players he’s worked with. Rads has continued to be a part of our Academy over the last couple of years, and to now see him back out on the pitch with our post-16 players has been fantastic.

“There is no doubt he is the perfect person to drive our Maidstone Programme forward and bring more success as we enter a second decade in partnership with Maplesden Noakes.”

Current year 11s interested in joining our Maplesden Noakes Sixth Form Programme in September 2023 can find out more and register their interest here.