Soccer Elite

Goalkeeper Soccer School

At Soccer Elite FA we pride ourselves on the quality of our goalkeeper coaching with the success and produce we’ve had over the recent years within our Goalkeeper Academy.

What We Offer - We ensure that all of our goalkeepers recieve top quality coaching to make sure that we cover all angles of not just being a shot stopper but being a all round educated No.1 for you and your team.

We make sure that everything we work on is fully understood so that we leave no stone unturned and that all the qualities of a top class goalkeeper are passed onto all of our GK’s whether a beginner or an elite.

All of these techniques we work on include the mastering of holding a ball, distributing the ball and dealing with all situations in the correct & simplest way as a Goalkeeper to ensure that you can progress further in your time in the position.

Our specific techniques we cover include

  • General Shot stopping
  • Positioning and Angles
  • Distribution (hands)
  • Distribution(being comfortable with the ball at your feet)
  • Sharp Reactions
  • Dealing with crosses (commanding area including holding and punchig crosses)
  • Decision making
  • Strength, Speed, Agility.
  • Vocalisation (communication with your back four and using your view of the whole pitch)

Can you be the next pro GK?