SEFA recognise the importance of providing talented players of all age groups with the platform to perform. Fulfilling fixtures against selected opposition throughout the season offers an ideal platform for players to demonstrate their capability & benchmark their level of progress during a game situation. All fixtures are eagerly anticipated by players within the academy & the opportunity to represent SEFA is accessible to everyone within it.

Over the last few years SEFA have nurtured  relationships with a whole host of  professional academies, semi-professional  set-ups, representative sides at County &  District levels as well as competitive sides  from local leagues & schools. The purpose  of developing such a broad set of  relationships is to enable differing  categories of fixtures to be established,  thereby ensuring that all of the fixtures are  suitably aligned to the various performance  tiers across the academy.


Our aim is to have a pre-determined number of fixtures throughout a term for each performance tier, offering variety & mix of opposition at the appropriate level. This will provide a greater number of games for all our players & by providing the appropriate level of opposition, it will ensure that players have the confidence & belief necessary to be able to demonstrate their skills.


The fixture list will be established at the beginning of each term & will be sign-posted through the website. Individual players may represent SEFA at their own age group & performance tier or where the level of capability shown supports it, they may play up a performance tier or indeed an age group. These decisions will be taken by the SEFA coaches based upon performance during training sessions together with attitude & behaviours demonstrated throughout the term.


SEFA remain committed enabling players to transition technical skills acquired through drills & exercises into ‘real-life’ game situations as it forms a key part of the SEFA development philosophy.


Upcoming Fixtures

  • Charlton Athletic U8s vs Soccer Elite FA U8s

    15th Nov 2013

    Sparrows Lane, London

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  • SEFA U10's VS Sevenoaks Town U10's | 18th Nov 2011 | -

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    SEFA would like to thank Sevenoaks Town FC for bringing a great team down to Maplesden for a friendly round robin games night. SEFA fielded 4 teams which saw a great night of football for the under 10's. The boys really turned it on and displayed what they had been learning throughout the term into the game. The boys support play off the ball was fantastic, giving the player in posession multiple options. This ultimately helped all the players with their decision making, leading to some really fluent entertaining football.

  • Crystal Palace FC VS SEFA U7's | 7th Dec 2011 | -

  • Crystal Palace FC VS SEFA U8's | 7th Dec 2011 | -

  • SEFA U12's VS Tonbridge Angels U13's | 9th Dec 2011 | -

  • Crystal Palace FC U11's VS SEFA U11's | 17th Dec 2011 | -

  • Academy Teams VS SEFA U8's | 7th Jan 2012 | -

  • Academy Teams VS SEFA U9's | 7th Jan 2012 | -

  • Charlton Athletic FC VS SEFA U7's | 3rd Feb 2012 | -

  • Charlton Athletic FC VS SEFA U8's | 3rd Feb 2012 | -

  • SEFA U8's VS Kennington U8's | 27th Jan 2012 | -

  • Chelsea FC - Wolves FC - Wangas FC U10's VS SEFA U10's | 11th Feb 2012 | -

  • Chelsea FC - Wolves FC - Wangas FC U10's VS SEFA U10's | 3rd Mar 2012 | -

  • FA Skills Tournament VS SEFA 7/8/9/10/11/12's | 11th Apr 2012 | -

  • Crystal Palace FC & Academies Tournament VS SEFA U7/8/9/10's | 4th Apr 2012 | -

  • Leeds United U18s VS SEFA Scholars | 28th Nov 2013 | 3-0