Soccer Elite

Education at the heart


Professional and semi-professional football opportunities are not only the focus here at Soccer Elite FA.

We aim to support the development of all learners in all parts of their Scholarship programme, whether this is through routes into coaching and work experience or supporting one of our Scholars as they prepare for a Maths or English exam. 

SEFA fully understand the importance of education and how linking it to sport can support our players' development into a career within the sporting environment.

Throughout our programmes across Kent, not only have we supported our Scholars to gain opportunities at a semi-professional and professional level, we have also supported them to greatness in their education.

Included in this group is Zak Byskup who this time last year was appointed Head Boy at our Maidstone education providers at the Maplesden Noakes School. Zak subsequently went on to achieve A Level grades A, A and B and is going on to study Sports Management at Loughborough University. Zak is one of many SEFA Scholars who has progressed to either University, a scholarship in the United States or further education after completing a two year programme with us.