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The Gills go for Daisy


Congratulations to #SEFAAcademy player Daisy who has signed for Gillingham.

A member of our Medway Academy at Brompton, Daisy has spent the last year-and-a-half working under the tutelage of our goalkeeper coaches Patch Lee and Kelvin Jack.

We spoke to Patch who had the following to say about Daisy’s success: “Daisy has been with us for a long time at SEFA and has progressed fantastically well in recent months, impressing myself and a lot of the SEFA staff.

“A lot of hard work and utilising sessions including 1-to-1 work has led to this success for Daisy, and she really does deserve it.

“I wish Daisy all the best and hope that she enjoys herself playing for Gillingham. It is a great opportunity for her and I’m sure she will do fantastically.

Daisy’s dad Ryan added: "Since Daisy joined Soccer Elite FA just under 18 months ago, her performance, both at SEFA and in her own team, has improved massively. Under Patch's guidance her confidence and self-belief has skyrocketed, while her technical ability has never been better.

Daisy has really enjoyed coming to Soccer Elite - their ethos and approach to training, plus the friends she has made, have been key to helping her attain the opportunity to play for Gillingham this season. She is really going to miss it!"