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SEFA product Jordy Robins joins the SEFA coaching staff...

Jordy is a fantastic role model for all SEFA players. Being a product of the SEFA scholarship, Jordy went on to get a 4-year soccer scholarship to America. During his time overseas, he gained both incredible athletic and life experience.

Since his return this summer, Jordy has shined and caught the eye of many teams here back home. In June, he signed with Maidstone United in the Conference Premier and has recently dual signed with Margate.

Jordy is now the conditioning coach for SEFA, working with both the academy and the scholars, helping players with their specific nutrition, fitness and wellness needs. He has first hand experience of the sacrifices needed to make it to the elite level and he is here to help guide the young players to the top of their game. Jordy prides himself on his preparation, and has attributed much of his recent athletic success to the way that he conducts himself off the field. He pays particular attention to his nutrition, which helps him maintain consistent energy, focus, recovery and performance levels. He is now here to help the players at SEFA do the same. ‘We are delighted to have Jordy back involved with the SEFA coaching team. He's going to play a key role in players physical development and is a great example to how young SEFA players can flourish within the Soccer Elite FA academy and what you can achieve with hard work and dedication. He knows the academy inside and out and we are excited to see him pass on his experience and knowledge he has gained from overseas and from being part of our playing setup over the years. Welcome back Jordy!' - Lee Spiller SEFA founder