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Dear Soccer Elite member,

As a company we are always trying our best to provide the best service to our parents/guardians and players.

One area we are always trying to improve on is our kit ordering service. We have made great strides in offering a good service in the last year or so, but due to current supplier issues sometimes wait times can be inconsistent and longer than estimated.

As of today, we will be joining forces with a new kit partner. This new partner, who will provide us with our bespoke adidas team wear, is the biggest in the UK. We anticipate that this change will not only provide a quicker turnaround on orders, but will also simplify the whole kit purchasing process. SEFA kit will be available to buy online only, and your orders will be sent straight to you at an address of your choice.

Outstanding orders made through the old process will be sent to your local SEFA centres where they will be available at the registration point.

As we continue to strive for excellence, we are asking all SEFA players to own and wear the following items during training and games: SEFA training shirt, SEFA shorts and SEFA socks. Additional items of long sleeve training top, rain jacket and training leggings are also available to complete your SEFA look.

As the new era here at Soccer Elite FA continues at apace, we feel it is of the utmost importance that our players reflect these changes on the pitch. All players wearing the same bespoke adidas SEFA kit will promote unity, equality and professionalism. It is our belief that having a uniform across the Academy will promote a new sense of purpose and pride among our fantastic Academy players.

Visit our new Kit Store to order your items now: click here

Kind regards,
The SEFA Team